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Historical Maps and Celestial Atlases

Harmonia Macrocosmica

Our views of the world we live in, where we are, and our place in the cosmos have changed a lot over time. Explore historic discoveries and alternative worldviews through the ages in this collection of ancient maps and celestial atlases.

Gratitude Gallery is pleased to present some awe inspiring, fun, and intriguing collections of public domain images found in the Library of Congress archives and in the Wikimedia Commons.

We have provided some sizes and papers to choose from, but if you're looking for something special or a different choice, these images are available in any size on any medium.

Imagery and artwork that is in the public domain is copyright free and can be printed for any use, provided that it was either published prior to 1923 and therefore has no copyright, published between 1923 and 1977 but had no copyright notice, or is from a government agency wherein the peoples' tax dollars pay for the right to use the images.