Ginny O'Neill

Watercolor paintings

Lighthouse at Heceta Head

I live on Whidbey Island, a ferry ride northwest of Seattle, Washington, and most of my paintings express my love of the Pacific Northwest. Although I enjoy the beautiful sunny days, I really love painting the gray days — the morning fog and the cloud-filled skies, the gray waters and the winter trees. I love to paint old fishing boats and rowboats, docks, weathered barns, old country roads.

Watercolor is a wonderful medium for painting atmosphere, but I also find it perfect for rendering the colors and textures of a still life. I appreciate the light-filled, transparent nature of the watercolor medium, but I’m also interested in the paint’s ability to produce rich, dark color and expressive texture. I paint by layering up color on color and also by mingling different colors on the paper, wet-into-wet, letting watercolor work its unique, random magic. I call my painting style realism, but my main objective is not to portray the literal accuracy of my subject, but rather to impart to the viewer the essence of what I feel about my subject. Hopefully, in some measure, I succeed.

I am currently showing at Raven Rocks Gallery at Historic Greenbank Farm on Whidbey Island and at the Kirsten Gallery in Seattle.